Information About Piqua Shawnee Tribe

The Shawnee tribe formerly lived around Tennessee region, but they later migrated to other parts. This tribe adopted lifestyles that were suited to the geography, climate and natural resources of the various parts they stayed in. Because of their semi-nomadic lifestyle, they came into contact with other tribes. The Shawnee tribe lived in houses known as birch bark. The birchbarks are small cone-shaped houses which have an arched roof that is made from wooden frames. The frames are then covered with sheets and woven mats which are tightened by strips of wood or ropes. This type of impermanent housing was used by those native tribes who lived in the woodland regions.


The food that Shawnee tribe at ate depended on the natural resources that were available. For those people that occupied the great plains region, their diet mainly comprised of buffalo, deer and bear meat. Their food was also supplemented with wild fruits, vegetables, and roots. The ones in the woodland areas mainly fed on fish and small game such as deer, squirrel, raccoon, and the beaver. Cereals like corn and beans were also available for consumption. Those in the southeast fed on animals and birds like rabbits, turkeys, eagles, deer, and raccoons.


The Piqua Shawnee loved to move around, and this was mainly because they wanted to avoid conflicts with the colonists and other tribes. Before the coming of the settlers, the Shawnee were many, but their numbers dwindled due to war and conflicts. The other cause of the decline of the Shawnee people were diseases like scarlet fever and flu which were brought about by European settlers. In their normal lives, the Shawnee people had no elaborate clothing. Instead, the women wore long skirts while the men wore breechcloths. When there was no battle, this tribe kept their hair long. Learn more about Shawnee tribes at


The Shawnee also wore moccasins and face paint. There were farms which the Shawnee cultivated to obtain their food. What was cultivated was however on a small scale level and was meant for sustenance. Cultivation was mainly left to the women while fishing and hunting was done by the men. The primary crop that was harvested was cone and other crops like the squash. The Piqua Shawnee tribe did not like war, and that is why they isolated themselves from war-prone areas. However, despite their fear of war, they would participate in a war to protect either their families or land and their way of life. This tribe was satisfied with their heritage, and they would story tell to pass along their history and that of their ancestors, visit the site to know more!